We have new T-shirts for sale! Get yours by messaging us your size, color choice and where you can pick up or buy one at the next drive for $15. Awesome shirts and cause!

A local Boy Scout is planning a really cool project! Please help him out by separating all your 2 liter bottles from the rest of your plastic. We’ll have a special collection area at the August drive (and maybe subsequent drives if he doesn’t have enough). Thanks in advance!

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Just a reminder that you don’t need to hoard all your recyclables until the monthly drive. Way back when we started this adventure, Recycle Hi-Line did benefit from your waiting to bring us your goods. We received any monetary proceeds earned from the aluminum brought in that day. Those days are over, so feel free to drop your stuff off anytime. For now, the monthly drive is the only local place you can take your glass and plastic (except bags). See our Where to Recycle page or our current brochure to find out your options.

Recycle Hi-Line is a 501(c)3 non profit organization, so your donations are tax deductible!